• StrigAway™ Weed Resistant Maize Seed

    Striga, commonly known as witchweed, is a parasitic plant that requires a living host for germination and early development. Maize, the staple food for the majority of East Africans, is particularly susceptible to Str...
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  • Dr congo

    Hello, I am looking to open a farm in DR Congo. I would like any information you have on Farming, land and funding for this kind of NGO. If you have any please.    
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  • 1200px-North_Korean_farmers_(2009).jpg

    Good day          We need good Agricultural And Tourism Profitable Business Proposal .  if you can not  Travel to meet our Representative we can not Release  Or Transfer our Funds to anyone&nb...
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    The big challenges of working or getting things done in Africa are, the slow process of getting things done and the corruption.  All American firms who are trying to accomplish their contractual responsibilities ...
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  • Teenage Enlightenment

    How do we as young agroprocessing and farming advocates get teens to choose agric related careers. lots of teenagers dont see the beauty in agriculture. based on happenings in your vicinity how do you suggest their at...
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  • Partner Story on Reaching Walmart Producers

    Commercialization of Entomopatogenic Nematodes (NemaPower) with vegetables producer for a supermarket chain.
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    Are you a small holder or commercial farmer desirous to process your produce into finished products for sale to homes or other industries so as to arrest post harvest wastes and losses? We can design and assist you wi...
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  • Here's an innovative and sustainable agribusiness idea

    A Forest Garden is a locally-appropriate, multi-layered system of farm production.  It combines diverse varieties of crops and trees that enable families to fulfill their subsistence needs and access new market o...
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  • World Food Day 2017 SDG2: Zero Hunger Changing the future of migration, Invest in Food Security and rural Development

    If women had the same access to productivity as men they could increase yields in their fields by 20-30%. This alone would raise total agricultural output in developing countries (Nigeria included) by 2.5-4%, which wo...
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  • World Food Day 2017 SDG2: Zero Hunger  Changing the future of migration, Invest in Food Security and rural Development  Food Security; The place of Teenagers

    The average farming age in Nigeria is between 61 and 65years and the average age is 24 years . Our visit to St Mulumba Catholic College in Ile-ife an ancienty city where most household have in recent times practiced f...
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  • Need Partnership

    How does Borana Livestock Resource Management LTD, Ethiopia able to partner with Impact Investors to expand the businesses to large scale and link to market opportunities wordwide for the supply of Organic products? &...
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  • Youth Agric Festival on Agribusiness

    The YFarm Youth Agric Festival was organised to promote youth agric enterprises, build capacities of young people in the agric sector and engage with relevant stakeholders. The organizers goal was to promote a youth-l...
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    This broiler poultry farm is specially equipped to condition the atmosphere and temperature of the farm to optimum level such that within 45 days the average weight of your chicken is more than 2.5kg. In other word, w...
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  • Human urine better than fertilizer - Experts

    Human urine better than fertiliser, expert saysJuly 8, 2017Agency Report Fertiliser bags   An environmental engineer, Isaac Bryant, on Saturday urged the conversion of human urine into fertiliser and other p...
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  • New Technical Knowledge in Agriculture Production

    Rana Labs Video Production Workshops 4-6 2017 Septermber, 2017   The AgriJoven project in Guatemala is developing an entirely new approach for youth in the agricultural sector to share knowledge, increase partic...
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  • AgTech International Conference in Nairobi, March 2018

    https://www.newaginternational.com/index.php/en/conferences/our-conferences/1030-biocontrol-africa-and-2018-new-ag-conference-exhibition   AFRICA IN FOCUS 1 Week, 2 International Agricultural Conferences deliveri...
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    Are you a farmer with high produce yield and want to expand into processing or you are an entrepreneur and want to set up agricultural products processing factory in small, medium or commercial scale? Are you an agri...
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  • Inauguracao Casa do Agricultor Chimoio

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  • Solutions...to slash and burn...food security...regenerating land

    As I read buzz words like "potential synergies" and "merging multiple objectives" in global agricultural articles that address climate change, feeding the world, and improving lives for the rural poor--those phrases m...
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  • Commercializing disease free/clean tissue culture banana planting materials delivery in Kagera Region, Tanzania

    Objective:           Improve access to clean banana planting materials for better livelihoods, enhancing both food security and household incomes.   About the pr...
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